Available IT Services :
Web Services and Content Management System (CMS)
Data Management, Auditing and Processing
Make a Task Plan with a deadline and define the scope of work
Master Files of record date data & others through software
Share Dividend/Bonus data calculation & process through software
Deploy Staff Resources for A-Z Activities/Works
Checking and Verification
Corporate IT Support & Service
Corporate Training (Individual/Group)

Make a Task Plan with a deadline and define the scope of work :
Share Data Sorting, Processing, Reconciling and Export-Import in any readable format, etc.
Up-to-date Shareholding Status (Read Data from CDBL Format – RT03, RT21, RT14, RT45, RT85, etc.)
Share Dividend/Bonus data calculation & process through software
Bonus Share Processing, Sales Process for Fraction Share, Data Print for Fractional Warrant.
Dividend Processing, Tax Calculation & Deduction and Data Print for Dividend Warrant.
All sort of Report/Print Statement – Schedule X, Schedule XV, etc.
MICR Encoding & Data Printing and/or Direct Cash Credit to the Bank Account.
Electronic Fund Transfer Network (EFTN) – Routing Number wise Data Sorting for EFTN
Dividend Reconciliation [Inquiry, Delivery, Processing, Distribution]
Document Tracking and Management System

Master Files of record date

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data & others through software :
Prepare Division & District wise data for general shareholder
Prepare database for NRB Shareholder by separating foreign & local address
Prepare database for Company/Fund Shareholder local & foreign
Identify incomplete address & prepare a separate sheet for the same
Provide above database in address label format for Printing address label
Prepare annual list of shareholders
Address Level Sorting & Processing for Courier Distribution

Share Dividend/Bonus data calculation & process through software :
Cash Dividend Calculation and Data processing of all data
Data Sorting for Routing Number (Bank and Branch)
Define Routing Number for Electronic Fund Transfer & Network (BEFTN)
File generation for the sender Bank
Bonus calculation and Sales process of Bonus Fraction
Dividend Tax Calculation for

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Cash Dividend
Tax Rate wise list create i.e. Sponsor, General Shareholder, NRB, Company Local, Foreign & Merchant bank, Mutual Fund etc.
Detail list creation for Cash Dividend (i.e. Warrant no, BO ID NO, Name, Address, No of Shares, Gross Cash Dividend, Tax deduction amount, Tax Rate, Net Cash Dividend)
Prepare database of the Online Dividend Transfer
Prepare database for Dividend Warrant Print as required by the clearing bank and other dept. associated with
Provide bank wise online dividend database soft copy in CD & hard copy
Return Entry of Dividend Warrant
Other related works as and when required

Deploy Staff Resources for A-Z Activities/Works :
Warrant Design as per Bangladesh Bank Guideline
Technical Support: Available as and when required
Resource Allocation to conduct the service
Hire resource (tech. person, hardware, etc.) if required

Checking and Verification :
Verify the summery and detail data with client
Take approval from client
Final approval of sample warrant with data from client